About us

VÅRLAKS Salmon is a collaboration between independent family-owned fish farmers and seafood processors . VÅRLAKS means ‘our salmon’ and that’s exactly what we want to share with you. An all-natural salmon with a fantastic taste, that’s 100% traceable and delivered fresh.

VÅRLAKS Salmon is a concept that prides itself in using natural farming methods to make the best salmon possible. Our fish is free of additives, chemicals and antibiotics. We use family-owned farms above the arctic circle with the perfect conditions to farm all-natural salmon. Our production facilities are located in central Europe and have an utmost focus on quality and food safety.

VÅRLAKS Salmon is dedicated to bringing North America the freshest salmon possible with the best taste. To achieve this VÅRLAKS Salmon uses an all-natural process in a remote, clean location. We allow our eggs to grow into young fish with plenty of room to move around in our sprawling basins. The pure surroundings, the sprawling basins, the caring farming methods and the natural feed set our salmon apart. VÅRLAKS salmon is different, you can taste it!