10 reasons why you should eat salmon more often

''Everyone should take their dose of vitamin sea regularly.’’
Salmon is packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy omega-3 fatty acids - so it’s super healthy!
Read our 10 reasons why we love salmon below!

1. Boost your immune system

Nobody likes to get sick right? Besides feeling awful and worrying that the people around you will suffer the same fate, it is also a drain on your time. Did you know that just one serving of salmon contains more vitamin D than you need daily to stay healthy? So while you eat a nice piece of salmon, you work on a strong immune system.

2. Your heart will thank you

Salmon consists partly of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fatty acids are good for your heart, because they contribute to healthy blood pressure and healthy cells in the vessel walls of your arteries.

In addition, salmon is also good for blood pressure due to the large amount of potassium in this fish. Then salmon also contains quite a bit of selenium and also astaxanthin, which are also good for your heart.

So not only your tastebuds will thank you, but also your heart.

3. A healthy weight

I wish I had known this sooner.. Salmon can help you lose weight and maintain your goal weight. This is because the fish is low in calories and rich in protein. These nutrients not only make you feel full for a long time, but also have a beneficial effect on hormones that regulate your appetite. Moreover, proteins stimulate your metabolism, which also benefits your weight.

4. Beneficial for your brain

Salmon is not only good for your brain because of the omega 3 fatty acids in this fish. The fish species is also quite rich in several B vitamins. Like omega-3 fatty acids, these vitamins are important for proper signal transmission in your brain.

The B vitamins in salmon do even more for your brain. In this way they help to provide your brain with energy. That way you can still get through that long meeting!

5. Skincare

Add salmon to your skincare routine! Due to the great amount of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon contributes to a firm and supple skin. The application provides the skin with nutrients and has a pure effect. The substance astaxanthin, which gives salmon its pink color, also contributes to a radiant and healthy skin. This antioxidant removes free radicals, so they can't damage your skin. Another reason to eat salmon more often!

6. Improves eyesight

The eyes are the window to the soul, or so the old saying goes. So if you're interested in keeping your peepers as healthy and happy as possible, eat salmon more often!

The vitamin A in the fish maintains the moisture balance of your eyes and supports your vision.

7. Strong bones

Not only is the vitamin D in salmon good for your bones, vitamin B12, phosphorus, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids in this fish also contribute to strong, healthy bones and teeth. So enjoy salmon salad, because that keeps your bones and teeth in good condition!

8. Helps fight inflammation

If you've cut yourself while cooking and didn't clean the wound properly, you may have developed an infection. In this case, an inflammatory response of your body is fine to prevent or fight an infection.

It is less healthy if there are constant inflammatory reactions in your body. You are in the right place with salmon, because this fish can help to combat these so-called chronic inflammations. So enjoy this salmon side in foil from the oven, while your body is working hard on your health.

9. Children and moms

The vitamins and minerals in salmon are especially good for pregnant women (no raw salmon of course) and children. They promote the growth of the brain and tissues. Are you expecting a child or do you already have children? Then put salmon on the menu more often!

10. A yummy taste and very versatile

Salmon has a unique flavor with a less fishy character than many other types of fatty fish. That is enough reason to include this fish more often in your daily diet.

Salmon can be used raw in sushi and sashimi, but you can also steam, grill, smoke, bake and poach the fish. This makes this fish species particularly versatile.

Have you worked up an appetite for salmon yet? Ready for a healthy and tasty snack or lunch?
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