5 things you didn't know about the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, a fantastic natural phenomenon, is on many people's bucket lists. But do you know where the Northern Lights come from and how they are created? Do you already know the remarkable myths?

We will tell you 5 things you did not know about the amazing light show in the sky: The Northern Lights.

1. The northern lights are very complicated

How exactly the Northern Lights occur is quite complicated. The sun emits electrically charged particles. The earth is magnetic and tries to attract these particles. Some of the particles therefore end up in our atmosphere. The electric particles collide with the air particles floating in the atmosphere.

As a result of such a collision, the air particles emit light and gases are formed. These gases emit light, just like the gas in neon lights. The different colours of the northern lights are caused by different gases.

2. The Northern Lights are never the same

You will never see the same Northern Lights twice. Depending on the terrestrial gases with which the particles collide, the different colours and shapes are created. The green part is the most common, and is found on the bottom layer.

The fact that the Northern Lights are always different makes this experience extra unique.

3. Red lights?

The best-known colour in the Northern Lights is green, and this is also the colour most often seen. The colours purple, pink and blue are also often seen in the beautiful nature photographs of the lights. But did you know that even the colours orange, yellow and fire red are colours of the northern lights?

Those colours are very unique!

4. Strange myths

Throughout the centuries, dozens of myths have been created about the appearance of the Northern Lights. Many myths state that the lights originate from Nordic gods. The best-known myth tells of a divine fire fox running through the atmosphere.

There is also a rather strange 'Japanese' myth. This one assumes that conceiving a child under the Northern Lights would ensure a beautiful, smart and happy child. However, this story caused quite a stir among the Japanese. Because the story does not originate from Japan at all, but was invented by a Canadian film maker!

Your camera sees better than your eyes!

Cameras catch more light than we can with our naked eyes. That is why colours are often much brighter in photographs than they are in real life. Of course, this does not mean that what you see on the screen is better than what you see in real life.

The feeling of standing in the cold under a decorated sky of colour is of course unforgettable. And you can't experience that in a photo, no matter how beautiful the photo is!

The special spectacle in the sky is a once in a lifetime experience. It is not always certain that when you go on holiday to the places where you have the most chance to see the Northern Lights (north of Norway, Lapland and Iceland.) That you will always see them, so experiencing them for real is extra special!