Salmon and weight-loss

Would you like to lose a few kilos? And still want to eat well? Then perhaps Salmon can help you with that.

Salmon contains healthy fats (Omega3 fatty acids) which are necessary for healthy blood vessels that help to keep your cholesterol down. Salmon also contains vitamin D, a deficiency of which impedes weight loss. There are two main ingredients that are suitable for slimming: vitamin D and omega3 fatty acids. Salmon contains both! Salmon not only contains a lot of vitamin D and omega-3, but also a lot of calcium.

And a diet with vitamin D and calcium resulted in 70% more weight loss than a diet without this combination.
So salmon has the perfect combination of good nutrients and vitamin.

Vitamin D

A lot of research has been done on vitamin D. A shortage of this vitamin was common a while back and therefore it has been artificially added to many foods. Salmon contains this vitamin of itself.

Vitamin D is excellent for increasing muscle strenght, as it contributes to the breakdown of fat.

It ensures that the body burns fat rather than other tissue. This ensures that you get rid of what you do want to lose (fat) and that you keep the tissue you do want to keep (muscle).


As we said, omega3 is a fatty acid. This fatty acid helps the body burn fat in three ways:
  1. Several studies have shown that fish oil and omega 3 fats promote weight loss because they make the body burn fat better when you exercise.
  2. Gives you more energy, so you get more out of your training session.
  3. Improves insulin sensitivity. This makes the body work better, you build more muscle tissue and burn more fat. And more muscle means more colorie burn.

And of course as many already know or as you can read in our previous blog. Omega3 helps to improve heart function and to lower blood pressure. Very useful for people who need or want to lose weight.

Salmon does not only help you lose weight, it is also good for your brain, your skin and more. Experts say to eat salmon at least twice a week and we think that is a good start.

Eat yourself slim and healthy. Exercise and stay hydrated.