Blue foods for the future

How blue foods we eat today will impact our tomorrow.

''Blue food'' is vital for global food security. But what are blue foods?
Blue food is the nutritious and diverse food that comes from our planet's water bodies - streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, seas and oceans.

Fish is becoming increasingly popular. The demand for fish and seafood is so great that it seems to be the downfall of the oceans. This, some say, can only be solved if we stop eating meat or become completely vegan. But this problem is, of course, much different and better solved.

If we look at the future of our planet, it is expected that in the year 2100, the earth will have about 11 billion people. So it is simply not realistic to ignore the oceans in our search for food. We confront a daunting challange: How do we provide a healthy diet to 11 billion people in a way that the earth can sustain?

Blue Foods

Fish has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its incredible source of protein. Given their relative health benefits, foods from ocean and freshwater systems have a key role to play in achieving both a healthy and sustainable food system. However, there is an "if" attached to this. This is when aquaculture is done properly and the ecological footprint is left as small as possible when producing the fish.

If properly managed, the oceans can meet the growing demand for so-called "Blue Foods".

The oceans are truly the last wild frontier and must therefore be protected and treated with respect. If we do not treat the oceans well, they will be depleted and polluted, which would be an incredible shame.

Food for the future

To achieve this we need to acknowledge the full history of aquaculture (including the good, the bad and the ugly), support ethical, sustainable water farmers and educate ourselves on the full picture.

In general, we need to eat less meat, but you've probably heard that before. But what do you hear about fish? Experts recommend eating fat fish such as salmon at least twice a week, because of the good omega-3 fats.

As more and more people come to eat healthy food for their bodies and for the planet, sustainable fish is the solution.

Watch our video to see how we do it

This way we protect our oceans and can feed the world with the best salmon. Honest, pure and sustainable - that's what you taste.