This is how you can help the oceans

Did you know that our planet is 70% water and only 5% is discovered? The oceans are not only beautiful and provide us with inspiration and relaxation, they are also incredibly important. They provide us with oxygen, food, employment and they absorb greenhouse gases, thus playing an important role in climate regulation.

So we need to take care of them, and today is the day to give something back to the oceans:

1. Eat sustainable seafood

Perhaps the easiest way to give back to our oceans. By eating sustainable fish, like our VĂ…RLAKS salmon, you can promote the sustainability of our oceans.

2. Reduce the use of plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest threats to the health of the ocean. Animals can swallow the plastic or become entangled in it. Therefore, try to reduce your plastic consumption wherever possible.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption

Pollution and acid can seriously damage the oceans. So take a bike or public transport more often, turn off appliances when not in use and don't forget to turn off the lights behind you!

Meat is also a major polluter due to the amount of water, feed and the large ecological footprint the production of, for example, steak leaves behind. So, like we said in step 1, choose sustainable fish more often!

Hopefully these tips will help you throughout the year!