5 reasons why your (grand) child should eat salmon!

Salmon is simply: a superfood! This piece of fish is packed with omega-3, vitamin B, protein, potassium and much more. It is therefore recommended to eat this fatty fish at least once a week.

Everyone involved in healthy eating and every sports fanatic knows the health benefits, but it is especially good for children!

So moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas take note - here are our 5 reasons why your (grand)child should eat salmon!

1. Makes them happy

Salmon is a source of both nutrients and happiness. In fact, the fish contains quite a bit of omega 3 fatty acids, which boost your mood and contribute to your sense of happiness. Salmon also provides vitamin b12, which we need to make the happiness hormone serotonin, which keeps your mood balanced, creates positive thoughts and boosts your creativity, flexibility and self-confidence.

We don't call it superfood for nothing!

2. Good for the brain

The omega-3 fats in salmon are essential for the crucial brain development of children.And not only because of the omega-3 fatty acids for the cerebrospinal fluid, but also because of the various B vitamins. These vitamins ensure proper signal transmission in the brain and help provide the brain with energy, keeping it attentive during lessons!

3. Protects against diseases

The selenium in salmon helps the health of bones and teeth. Also, The Omega-3 fatty acids protect the immune system to keep it balanced and protects against viruses and bacteria.

And did you know that just one serving of salmon contains more vitamin D than you need daily to stay healthy?

4. It keeps the senses sharp

The vitamin A in fish maintains the moisture balance of your eyes and supports your vision.
See we're not exaggerating about the superfood?

5. Benefits for later

The healthy fatty acids are good for your heart because they contribute to healthy blood pressure and healthy cells in the vessel walls of your arteries.

The nutrients also have a beneficial effect on hormones that regulate your appetite. In addition, proteins boost your metabolism, which also benefits your weight.

Hence, Studies suggest that consuming salmon can prevent heart disease and weight gain in adulthood!

These 5 reasons must have persuaded you to serve your kids salmon a little more often! Need help with some tasty and easy salmon recipes? Then take a look at this page!

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