Dedicated to sustainability

Ever wondered where the coral-coloured salmon steaks in the supermarket come from?
The salmon on your plate tastes like the salty water of the northern Norwegian fjords. Bred by the people who call these remote areas home, it is inextricably linked to their daily lives, their future, and that of their children.

Our VÅRLAKS salmon is also farmed here. These relatively small family farms are all dedicated to going out on the water every day to responsibly farm salmon in a natural way. Raising sustainably farmed salmon is no easy task. As salmon is a popular fish worldwide, we believe it should be farmed ethically and without genetic modifications. We also strongly believe in the importance of nutrition and location. We have found family farms in northern Norway willing to breed ethical salmon for us the natural way. Origin matters.

What is ASC salmon?

In addition to our natural breeding methods, our VÅRLAKS farms are also certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). This is an independent non-profit organisation that sets a voluntary standard for responsible and sustainably farmed salmon.

What makes ASC certified salmon special?
ASC certified farmers minimise the impacts of their salmon farm on the environment and support the local community. All ASC certified salmon is responsibly produced and can be traced from farm to fork.

ASC certified farmers..
  • ..ensure good feed for their salmon.
  • ..restrict the use of antibiotics and medicines.
  • ..ensure traceability and transparency.
  • ..ensure good working conditions and fair pay.
  • ..have a health plan in place.
  • ..reduce pollution and monitor water quality .
  • ..protect sensitive habitats and marine life.
  • local communities.

So always choose consciously which fish you buy. And know where it comes from, like the salmon from VÅRLAKS.

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