Our sustainable salmon is farmed in the North of Norway, near the Arctic circle. The ideal place to experience nature at its purest and a great place to responsibly source salmon. The place where we enjoy watching our VÅRLAKS salmon mature.

Growing natural salmon is not an easy task. We believe that salmon should be ethically sourced and sustainably raised without genetic modifications. We are also great believers in the importance of nutrition and location. We found family farms in the north of Norway willing to farm ethical salmon for us the natural way.

Responsibly sourced

These relatively small family farms are all dedicated to getting out on the water every day to responsibly grow salmon the natural way. The farms are situated in a remote location and offer plenty of space for all fish. The eco-friendly salmon feed does not contain any antibiotics, chemicals, GMOs, hormones or additives. It keeps our salmon pure and healthy.

Once the salmon have matured, they leave Norway. The salmon is divided into the desired portions - in a modern factory and with utmost focus on quality and food safety. From there, the salmon starts its journey to its final destination, which can be anywhere in the world.

Sustainably farmed

We are passionate about making the world a more beautiful place, so we say no to antibiotics, chemicals, GMOs, hormones and additives. VÅRLAKS salmon says yes to low density, small family farms, remote locations, natural nutrition and farming, and 100% traceability. The result is sustainably farmed salmon for a better world.

Natural salmon

At our farms, the spotlight is on nature. That is why we treat the environment with care, we ensure our business operations are sustainable and we only work with natural nutrients.