The Story of VÅRLAKS Salmon

Our sustainable salmon is farmed in the North of Norway, near the Arctic circle. In the far North, the coastlines provide optimum conditions for Atlantic salmon to thrive. It's the ideal place to experience nature at its purest and a great place to responsibly grow salmon. It's the place where we enjoy watching our VÅRLAKS salmon grow in a natural way.

Growing sustainably farmed salmon is not an easy task. Being a populair fish worldwide, we believe that salmon should be ethically sourced and raised without genetic modifications. We are also great believers in the importance of nutrition and location. We found family farms in the north of Norway willing to farm ethical salmon for us the natural way. Origin matters.

Responsibly sourced

These relatively small family farms are all dedicated to getting out on the water every day to responsibly grow salmon the natural way. The farms are situated in a remote location and offer plenty of space for all fish. The eco-friendly salmon feed does not contain any antibiotics, chemicals, GMOs, hormones or additives. It keeps our salmon pure and healthy.

Once the salmon have matured, they leave Norway to be processed in our state-of-the-art facility with the utmost focus on quality and food safety. Our plants our certified according to the highest requirements when it comes to food safety. Our VÅRLAKS salmon is processed according to customer wishes; from whole fillets to IVP portions, whether it's fresh or frozen. From there, the salmon starts its journey to retailers and foodservice companies around the world.

Sustainably farmed

The most important issue of using antibiotics in aquaculture is the potential to accelerate the development of antibiotics resistance. Inappropriate and irrational use of antibiotics can lead to the emergence of resistant bacteria. We are passionate about making the world a more beautiful place, so we say no to antibiotics, chemicals, GMOs, hormones and additives. VÅRLAKS salmon says yes to low density, small family farms, remote locations, natural nutrition and farming, and 100% traceability. The result is sustainably farmed salmon for a better world.

Salmon aquaculture companies continue to dominate the top of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index. We are proud to go even further through our concept of natural farming in the natural habitat of the Atlantic salmon.

Natural salmon

Atlantic salmon eat a variety of marine organism, including crustaceans and fishes like smelt, herring mackarel and cod. At our farms, the spotlight is on nature. That is why we treat the environment with care, we ensure our business operations are sustainable and we only work with natural nutrients.

In addition to our natural farming methods, our VÅRLAKS farms also certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). This is an independant non-profit organisation that sets a voluntary standard for responsibly and sustainably farmed salmon. The certifications process is carried out by third-party auditors. We use its logo on our packaging as a trusted indication that the VÅRLAKS salmon comes from a truly responsible farmer who seeks to minimise environmental and social impacts.