5 mistakes you make while cooking salmon

Salmon is one of the most popular fish species in the world. But we don't always prepare this delicious fish the right way.
So what are you waiting for? Time to learn from the mistakes you might have always made while preparing your pink protein.
We've scoured the web for the 5 most common mistakes, and we'll tell you how to fix them.

1. Mistake: Not using your nose

Part of what we taste comes from what we smell. When we smell a freshly made cake, our brain receives a signal that it is well prepared and ready to eat. Sometimes the smell alone makes our mouths water.

But when we find a pint of milk in the fridge that we didn't even know was there any more, we quickly smell that it's not fit to drink. Our nose quickly recognises when something is no longer safe to eat or drink.

Salmon is a type of fish, although it should not smell fishy. Salmon comes from the sea and that is what it should smell like.

So salmon that smells fishy or sour is not good. All fish should be well chilled and look shiny, bright and firm.

2. Mistake: Remove the skin or throw it away

Don't throw away the skin of your salmon! It improves the taste and texture of your dish.

The skin is also full of omega 3 and vitamins B and D. The skin is not only tasty and healthy, but also forms a good protective layer between the meat and the heat of the pan. However, there is a technique to this: place the salmon in the pan with the skin down and let it get nice and crispy. Then turn it over, but let the side without the skin fry a lot less time in the pan. That way, you avoid overcooking the fish.

And of course serve with the nice and crispy side forward: The skin!

3. Mistake: Not letting the salmon rest first

Always give your salmon some time outside of the fridge to cool down.

No matter what dish you want to make with the fish, it is important that you let the salmon come to room temperature for about 5-10 minutes first. By waiting for it to come to room temperature first, you don't need to cook the fish as long.

Have you ever wondered why the salmon is ''too dry'' when you are cooking it? This is the mistake. Because by reducing the time it takes to cook, your salmon will remain more moist and therefore tastier!

4. Mistake: Overcooking the fish

overcooked salmon
This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes.

Overcooking the fish makes it dry and the albumin (a protein) can spill out. The perfect salmon is completely cooked on the outside and warm on the inside, but still transparent. By looking at the previous headings, you can already avoid overcooked salmon. The salmon only needs to cook for about 3-4 minutes on the skin side and half a minute on the other side. You can also prick the salmon to see if it is cooked.

5. Mistake: You are not a fish person

Im not a fish person
The next time you are in a restaurant and have the choice between steak or salmon, choose salmon! Besides the fact that salmon is healthier and better for the environment. It is time to give this fantastic fish a chance.

The great thing about salmon is that even if you don't like fish very much, you can probably appreciate its taste. It is a versatile fish that can be combined in all kinds of dishes and ingredients.

And are you afraid that the recipes are too difficult? No worries, we have some delicious and easy recipes for you here!
And by not making the mistakes mentioned above in combination with a delicious recipe: salmon might just become your new favourite!